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Paternity Issues – including DCCS Defense or Modifications

If you are the biological father and are not on the birth certificate, there are ways to become the presumed father and add your name to the birth certificate.  My office will also fight for court ordered visitation of your child during the process of becoming named as the  father.

My office can assist you in pursuing a voluntary declaration of paternity if the mother consents or by filing a Paternity Petition in Family court.   Make sure you have competent counsel to fight for your rights as a parent.


In addition, if you are not the biological parent, but have been named as the father for child support purposes, my office will defend you and pursue court orders to remove your name as the father.   If you were named as the father and you believe this is in error, you must request a DNA test as soon as possible.  You have the right to hearings as well.

If you are in a same sex domestic partnership, my office can assist you in becoming the presumed parent of the child.  The issue of paternity and/or issues of who the legal parents are of a child in a same sex marriage should be settled immediately.  Do not assume that your partner will add you to the birth certificate or that you can adopt the child later.  Make sure you have legal parentage rights after the child is born or adopted by one spouse.

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