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Attorney Karen Green-Rose was a public defender and conducted numerous jury trials in that position.  Prosecutors knew that she was not afraid to go to trial and was willing to fight aggressively for her clients.  My current clients get better plea deals because prosecutors know that I am not afraid to go to trial or conduct preliminary hearings.   When prosecutors know that your attorney is not afraid to “rack em” as they say in the defense world, the clients get better deals.

One success story was in a juvenile delinquency case where the client’s public defender told the defendant to take the offer of probation and camp and a plea of a minor in possession of a gun, plus ammunition and an enhancement of being a member of a gang.

The family hired my office and I immediately set the matter for trial and demanded proof of gang membership.  I knew from reviewing the police report and in talking with my client that there was no real proof of gang membership and this was the client’s first offense.  By keeping the pressure on the prosecutor and informing them we were ready to go to trial, the DA agreed to drop the gang enhancement. The minor had no defense for possession of the gun but was allowed to plea no contest and be released to his parents that day.

One successful jury trial was in a domestic violence case where the husband hit his wife out of necessity to prevent her from breaking a window and seriously injuring herself.  The wife had some mental illness and the husband slapped her to stop her from injuring herself.  The jury concluded that the husband was justified in slapping her because of her mental illness.

I had another win before a jury when the jury concluded that the prosecutor was after the wrong person and the facts just didn’t add up. Prosecutors charged my client with stealing 10 bushels of hey, despite the fact that they never found any hey on my client’s property or vehicle.  This was in Riverside County and during the course of the trial we were able to show that the police officer who testified was lying and a different person was the real culprit.

I also work hard to get good plea deals, diversion and civil compromises for my client’s when possible. My clients trust my advice and experience and know that I have the experience necessary to successfully defend them.

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