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Expungement of Criminal Convictions

If you have been convicted of  a misdemeanor, or a felony that can be reduced to a misdemeanor, and completed all terms of probation, including payment of all fines and restitution costs, you have the right to ask a judge to expunge your criminal conviction.  There are numerous exceptions to this rule and that is why you need to contact a criminal defense attorney who knows the law.  My office can assist you with the paperwork and court appearance.

Once a conviction is expunged, your criminal record (rap sheet) will say that the conviction has been “set aside and dismissed.”  It does not erase or purge it from your criminal record.  For most jobs, you can answer no when asked if you were convicted of a crime; however, there are many exceptions.

For any jobs that involve children, law enforcement, state licenses (nurses, real estate, doctors, lawyers or  financial service industries,) or those associated with the military, you must disclose the conviction with the explanation that it was set aside and legally dismissed.

Additionally, for immigration purposes, expunged convictions must be disclosed, including those dismissed through drug diversion programs after 2011.

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