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The Law Offices of Karen Green-Rose can handle a criminal case in Los Angeles, Orange County or Riverside County.  If you are charged with a crime, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer who knows criminal law and has the trial experience to take the case to trial if necessary.  I have successfully tried numerous criminal cases before a jury.

DUI: DUI cases are more complex than any other area in criminal law.  DUI cases can be won during trial based on the scientific and field evidence present and based on the facts in each case.  The scientific evidence must be analyzed and compared with law enforcement maintenance and accuracy logs of the machine used to measure breath alcohol.  Similarly, blood alcohol results must be analyzed and can be retested by an independent lab.  Attorneys who practice DUI defense must have knowledge of current DMV regulations as well as California’s DUI laws.

In addition, my office will represent you at your DMV Hearing if you are charged with a DUI.  You have 10 days to request a hearing from the DMV if your license was suspended by a police officer.

My office also handles:

  • Traffic Ticket hearings and trials;
  • Misdemeanor Crimes including Domestic Violence, Drug Possession, Petty Theft, Hit and Run, Under the Influence of Drugs, Trespassing, Medical Marijuana Possession and many other misdemeanor crimes;
  • Felony Crimes including drug sales, grand theft, burglary, robbery, domestic violence, weapon charges and many more;
  • Preliminary Hearings;
  • Immigration law is constantly changing and a conviction and/or pre-plea disposition can have a significant effect on your ability to stay in the United States or become a citizen.  Hire a criminal defense lawyer who can competently advise you on the immigration consequences of a criminal conviction; and
  • Juvenile delinquency crimes.

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